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iMainGo 2 iPod & iPhone Portable Speaker System - 34.00 xvat 

The iMainGo 2 iPod & iPhone Speaker System from Portable Sound Laboratories (No Stock)

iMaingo iPod & iPhone Portable Speaker System:  an innovative, high quality portable stereo speaker system for your iPhone, iPod, Zune & other MP3 Players.  Batteries Included !!

It's portable:

iMainGo2 goes wherever you do. No need to plug it in or recharge. It's advanced design gives it's four AAA batteries (included) unprecedented life up to 30 hours.

It's powerful:

Don't be fooled by the size. Thanks to iMainGo2's state-of-the-art electronics and new titanium speakers, you hear rich full sound you'd expect from systems many times its size.

It protects:

iMainGo2 is tough. Safely inside, your iPod & iPhone is protected from bumps and rough handling by iMainGo2's sturdy construction.

To use your iMainGo2, just unzip it, plug in your iPod (any iPod fits), iPhone or MP3, zip it up and stand back! Control your device through the iMainGo2's touch sensitive window.

Comes with a one year limited warranty
Built-in alarm feature wakes you up to music

  • Custom fits and protects all iPods(except Shuffle), iPhone, iPod touch, and Zune
  • Play, control, and view your MP3 player without opening your iMainGo2
  • State-of-the-art electronics deliver bigger and better sound than systems many times the price and size
  • Premium titanium high output stereo speakers
  • Tuned porting for amazing bass reproduction
  • Ultra-efficient digital music amplifier
  • Battery life up to 30 hours
  • Can be used as a premium external stereo speaker system for most MP3s, cell phones, laptops, portable gaming systems, electric guitars, etc
  • Includes 4 AAA Energizer alkaline batteries and removable carry strap
  • Wake up to music with built-in alarm feature (on alarm-equipped iPods only)
  • One year limited warranty

...you never heard it so good!!
You won't believe your ears. It may be small, but with advanced electronics, iMainGo2 can flood the room with incredible sound.
It's powerful, it's portable. It protects.  iMainGo2 is the best friend your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player ever had.  iMainGo is the original!  Look-alikes aren't sound-alikes...
With its small size and huge sound, iMainGo2 isn't like any other MP3 accessory around. And that's not just us talking....
Here's what the product reviews have to say about it:
"...the iMainGo 2 should be a top choice for anyone looking for an ultra-portable speaker."
"...iMainGo is a tiny iPod stereo speaker system that sounds a lot better than a speaker system so small has a right to sound...At the end of the day there was almost nothing I didn't like about iMainGo...as my 18-year old daughter puts it, "that thing is soooo tight!""
-The iPod Observer
"...before we even turned it on, the iMainGo from Portable Sound Laboratories blew us away. And then we turned it on and the iMainGo blew us away again...There's no comparison whatsoever between the sound quality of the iMainGo and the other speaker cases we've tested previously; the iMainGo simply eats them for breakfast... the iMainGo is the speaker case against which all future speaker cases will likely be judged..."
-iProng - Voice of the iPod generation
"...the iMainGo gives you a sturdy and protective system with surprisingly good sound quality; in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find better sound quality at this size. If the idea of a "speaker case" appeals to you, the iMainGo is easily the best one we've yet seen."
"I have no tolerance for poor sounding audio devices. Hands down, the iMainGo is the best sounding, highest quality portable iPod listening device that I have had the pleasure of using."
-Thomas Syslo - Sr. Sound Designer
3 Time Emmy Award Winner
"At Macworld, the iMainGo booth had a steady flow of people in awe at what they were witnessing, portable iPod speakers that pumped out major dosages of great sound..."
"...You wouldn't expect to hear great audio from speakers this small, but that's what's so surprising about the iMainGo...It's also quite sturdy, protecting your iPod from bumps and other rough handling...The iMainGo is an eye-catching and, more importantly, ear-pleasing device that deserves more exposure..."
"AT LAST: Here is a portable speaker with great sound that works with most every iPod model--any generation! Whether you have a Video, Nano, or Mini iPod, you will want to consider the iMainGo Speaker for study and in the field... this is, by far, the best portable speaker that we have seen..."
" The speaker system is surprisingly good for the size I love this solution, because it accepts my iPod into it, it protects, gives it full access but it still gives me exactly what I want That's just incredible ($69.95) for what it is that your getting here "
"I do music 25 hours a day and since I got the iMainGo I'm listening to more music than I have in years (and watching more videos & movies too). I was serious when I said I've tried every portable sound system. In my many years of traveling and trying to get the perfect "travel system" together I have amassed a collection that includes several Sony systems, Logitech, Bose, Cambridge Audioworks-all kinds of others-maybe 15 in all. iMainGo has 'em all beat for portability & sound combined."
-Will Lee - Bassist with Paul Shaffer and the "CBS Orchestra" on the "Late Show with David Letterman"
" About the size of the original Nintendo DS, iMainGo provides full protection for any generation iPod, easy access to the clickwheel controls, visibility of the iPod screen and better sound quality than any other portable speakers we've heard to date "
-Consumer Electronics Daily News
"There are portable iPod speakers available in every shape, color and material you can think of and they all share the common trait of sounding pretty terrible... But it seems a portable speaker called the iMainGo is breaking the mold. Not only is it just slightly larger than the current iPod video but it also sounds pretty amazing..."
-Oh Gizmo
"...I was a little skeptical, and then my son stole it, my daughter stole it, and I know it is a hit The sound is very very good I actually think this is a pretty cool device..."
-Leo Laporte on The Daily Giz Wiz with Dick DeBartolo
" this one (iMainGo) caught our eye because basically it lets you listen to your iPod in a self contained device "
"...Portable Sound Labs have been able to distinquish their iMainGo by combining the elements of an external and portable speaker system with that of a protective carrying case ...How does it sound? Audio quality is by far the biggest strength of this product..."
-apartment therapy: los angeles
"...The design is great. The system looks and feels awesome...The first time I used the unit, the first thing I noticed was the tremendous bass response. Better than any other small portable unit I have ever used..."
"The iMainGo is one of the good surprises of the year It is what all portable iPod sound devices wanted to be, but did not achieve: It is small, beautiful, practical, resistant, pleasant to handle and has excellent sound quality It is the Walkman of the 21st century."
-Blog Do iPod - Brazil's Largest Ipod Internet Site
"iMainGo is quite honestly the best pair of speakers that I've tested this year that retail for under 150 bucks..."
-The Mac Attack
"...So how does it sound? I honestly wasn't expecting much, as the speakers are small, and they looked like they were made of plastic and tin foil, but they are actually really good!!...I was even more surprised at the base. This little thing can really thump!...What I Like: Great sound for the size, good quality case, reasonably priced for quality of build/sound"
"...If we were anywhere in the world and became tired of using headphones or wanted to share music with didgeridoo-hating friends, we'd be more than happy to use an iMainGo - and to listen to it for prolonged periods. Thoroughly recommended...The iMainGo did everything we asked of it, so it clearly deserves HEXUS Labs' certification..."
"IMainGo uses the most advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to enhance sonic quality and listening experience. Having been associated with numerous high profile sound systems throughout the world, this is my first choice for personal portable sound."
-Bob Patrick
World Class Acoustician and System Designer
"...This is easily one of the best speaker systems on the market. The audio quality is top notch and will work well in most situations. Those needing a cheap speaker solution will find this product a godsend especially considering the high quality to cost ratio..."
"... Ever since our games team here at MTV got their hands on the iMainGo last week, there's been nothing but a steady stream of playlists coming from the small slice of corporate real estate affectionately referred to as "The Games Cave" 'round these parts. That, my friends, is all the approval you should need."
" How does it sound? Better than I expected. It had nice bright highs, which were especially audible on percussion like snare drums and triangles. The bass is good, but this is not a device to equal a much bigger speaker system with a subwoofer. Still, it's more than reasonable. The unit appears to use a bass reflex or ducted port design, and if you close your eyes and just listen, you would think you were listening to a bigger system."

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iMainGo 2 iPhone, iPod, Zune & other MP3 Player Portable Speaker System

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