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Safe and effective formula

Use on display, plastic body and chrome.

Works great on all models of iPod

Includes soft lint-free cloths

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Applesauce iPod - Scratch Removal Kit - 13.95 


Remove scratches and blemishes and restore the shine to your iPod with Applesauce's special two-part system.  It can safely and easily restore your iPod's original finish.

Applesauce is a new generation of iPod polish, effectively removing scratches from the front or back of your iPod. Included in the pack is Microfinishing Polish, Microfinishing Glaze and 3 cloths to buff up your iPod to a high shine.

Each Kit Includes:

Microfinishing Polish
For both the front and back of the iPod. It is used for removing light to medium scratches and blemishes. This multi-purpose polish contains a mild abrasive for fast cleaning. When used on plastic for removing scratches, it must be followed by Microfinishing Glaze. It is even powerful enough to remove light scratches from the metal back of your iPod.

Microfinishing Glaze
The glaze is for the plastic front and display of iPod. It is used for removing fine scratches and swirl marks. This is the final step for removing light scratches and restoring the original finish to the plastic.  
For full instructions on how to use the product, please visit Applesauce Polish's website. Can be used on all iPods apart from the iPod mini. NOT for use on laptop screens.  Scratches require perseverance to remove and will only come out after repeated application - please follow instructions carefully.

(3) 6" x 8" Polishing Cloths

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