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iTango Gear Dock for iPod Nano 1st Generation - 9.89 e vat 

iTango Dock for 1st Generation iPod nano.  The truly revolutionary iTango Dock caused a storm at London's Mac Expo in October, headlining many of the leading online publications across the world.

The iTango Dock for the nano, compliments iPods iconic design with style, quality & convenience. Small, cute & versatile, the dock is ideal for home, work or on the move, regardless of which nano case you choose.

Removing iPod from its case whenever you wish to dock can be a real pain, especially with friction fitted silicone cases. With the iTango dock, you can keep iPod fully protected by docking with the case attached, it's your choice!


  • Ultimate protection, without the hassle. Keeping iPod protected by docking with the case attached.
  • Compatible with virtually any silicone or hard cover case with an open dock connector port.
  • Includes two removable dock inserts, one for case docking & one for the iPod itself.
  • Clutter-Free, hiding unwanted cable within the dock itself, ideal for laptop users or on the move.
  • Uses iPods standard connection cable to charge & sync iPod.
  • Small, cute and versatile with a real pod like design.

Not Compatible with New 2nd Generation iPod Nano!

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