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AC Power Adapter for Ratoc FR1SX, U2SCX & CBU2 @ 24.95 ex vat 

You can use this, when you connect FR1SX and U2SCX with Zip Drive, or use FR1SX as a repeater.

For CBU2, if USB devices need more than 300 mA from USB cable, this adapter is needed.

Both FR1SX and U2SCX work with term power from the SCSI device. If the SCSI device doesn't supply term power to SCSI bus, you need this optional AC adapter.

( Term power is the power to activate SCSI terminator. According to SCSI spec., at least one device on the SCSI bus must supply term power. Since most SCSI host adapters supply this term power, some SCSI devices don't supply term power to SCSI bus. )

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