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Ratoc FireWire to Ultra Scsi Converter (FR1SX) - 99.00 ex vat 


FR1SX turns your SCSI device into a FireWire(IEEE1394) device. The SCSI device works as a FireWire(IEEE1394) device seamlessly. Compatible with SCSI HD, Removable HD, Jaz, ORB, MO drives, CD-ROM drives, CD-Burners, DVD-ROM drives, DVD-burners, scanners, film scanners, Tape drives. Supports FireWire(IEEE1394) daisy chain. (Does not support SCSI daisy chain.)


Turn your SCSI device into a FireWire(IEEE1394) device.  Quick and easy Plug-and-play installation.  Attach the FR1SX to SCSI device, then connect the FR1SX to your Mac or Windows PC with FireWire(IEEE1394) Cable.


Enables you to handle a SCSI device as a FireWire(IEEE1394) device.

  • Two FireWire(IEEE1394) 400Mbps ports(6-pin) are available.
  • Supports FireWire(IEEE1394) Daisy Chain. (Does not support SCSI daisy Chain.)
  • IEEE1394a fully compliant PHY-Link is included.
  • Supports SBP2 ORB/CDB command set.
  • Works as a FireWire(IEEE1394) repeater stand alone. (Requires AC Power adapter.)
  • Works as a SCSI initiator
  • Supports high-speed, high-performance Ultra SCSI.
    • Supports up to 20MB/sec data transfer.
    • Supports Synchronous transfer.
    • Supports Disconnection/Reconnection.
    • Compatible with various SCSI devices.
      Hard Drive, CD-ROM/CD-Burner drives, DVD/DVD-Burner drives, MO drives, Removable drives, Scanners, Film Scanners, Tape drives. (Refer to the Compatible device lists for Windows and for Mac.)
    • Supports FireWire boot up from SCSI HD with FR1SX. (Mac OS only)
    • Supports legacy SCSI devices.
        *Some legacy device may require unique SCSI bus parameter, in the case, refer the "FR1SX Configuration Utility" just below.
  • Driver installation free
    • You don't need to install the specific driver for FR1SX. FR1SX is fully compatible with Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X 10.x Apple FireWire Standard drivers and SBP2 drivers. The SCSI device will be shown up at the System Profiler by just hooking up to FireWire port.
  • Utilities available
    • [FR1SX Configuration Utility]
        *If you want to use legacy SCSI device such as scanners, you need to change FR1SX configuration setting to adjust SCSI bus parameter by this Configuration Utility.
    • [FR1SX Format Utility for Windows]
        *Enables you to format the SCSI storage media through FR1SX on Windows OS.
  • System Requirements
    • Machintosh
      FireWire(IEEE1394) enabled PowerMac, PowerBook, iMac, iBook, and Mac mini.
    • OS
      MacOS X 10.1.x, 10.2.x ,10.3.x, and 10.4.
      MacOS 9/9.1 or later.
      <Note for Mac OS 9 users>
      *You need to install FR1SX SIM driver to use Applications based on SIM-API(SCSI Interface Module Application Interface on Mac OS 9.x). You can download it from our web page, after user registration.

      *Why do you need FR1SX SIM driver?
      *How it works?

        Mac OS 9 recognizes a SCSI device as a FireWire device, through FR1SX. But, if you want to use SIM-API based application, you need to make your device be mounted as a SCSI device. The FR1SX converts FireWire IO request to SCSI IO request and provide SIM-API to the application. The SCSI port is shown up at 'System Profiler' and the attached device is mounted as a SCSI device through FR1SX (See the left image).
      *FR1SX SIM driver only works on Mac OS 9.x. If you are using Mac OS X, you don't need SIM driver, and you can use Mac OS X applications listed below.

    • Certified Applications
      • Vuescan 7 or later for Scanners and Film Scanners.
      • Roxio Toast 5 or later for DVD and CD Burner.
      • DANTZ Retrospect 5 or later for backup devices.
    • PC
      IEEE1394 or i.Link enabled Windows PC.
    • Windows OS
      Windows XP/2000/Me.
      Windows 98SE (Windows update required).
    • Certified Applications
      • TWAIN compatible application software for Scanners.
      • Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 or later for DVD and CD Burner.
      • DANTZ Retrospect desktop 5.6 (Win) for backup utilities.
      Device Requirement
    • SCSI devices required:
      • High-density 50P female SCSI-2 connector.
        *For the SCSI-1 device with Centronics 50F connector, High-Density 50F to Centronics 50M adapter is available http://www.shop21.uk.com/en-gb/p_936.html.
      • Single-End interface.
      • Term-Power output capability.
        *If the device does not support term power output, use Optional AC Adapter. Or you may use popular DC5V switching regulator type AC adapter. Please refer the Specification table below; for more detailed information about plug (power tip) and amperage.
    • Compatible with:
      SCSI HD, Removable HD, IOMega Jaz, ORB, MO drives, CD-ROM drives, CD-Burners, DVD-ROM drives, DVD-burners, scanners, film scanners, Tape drives.
      Please refer the Compatible device lists for Windows and for Mac.
    • FR1SX DOES NOT support:
      - SCSI Daisy Chain.
      - Multiple LUN.
      - CD-ROM changers.

      Bench Mark Testing Report
    Machine : PowerBook2000
    HDD : Seagate ST39103LW

    Bus interface UltraSCSI / FireWire(IEEE1394)
    Data transfer rate [SCSI]
    20MB/sec with Ultra SCSI devices (Synchronous)
    10MB/sec with FAST SCSI devices (Synchronous)
    6MB/sec (Asynchronous)
    100, 200 and 400 Mbps (IEEE1394)
    Connector Type [SCSI]
    High-Density 50 pin Male connector x 1
    (Adapter for Centronics 50P connector is available at Shop21)
    FireWire(IEEE1394) (IEEE1394) 6p port x 2
    Package includes
    • FR1SX FireWire(IEEE1394) to UltraSCSI converter
    • FR1SX software CD-ROM

      [Mac OS software]

      - Configuration Utility
      [Windows software]
      - Format Utility
      - Configuration Utility
    • One IEEE 1394 Cable 6p-6p 3.5 feet(1m)
    • User's Manual
    • Software License Agreement
    Physical characteristics
    58mm(W) x 66mm(D) x 22mm(H)
    70g (without cable)
    Operating requirements
    • DC +4.25V to 5.25V
      (SCSI Termination Power Voltage requirement)
    • 300mA typical
    Temperature from 0C to 55C
    Relative humidity: 20-80% (Non-condensing)
    Warranty 1year


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