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Griffin TuneFlex Car Charger, Flexible Docking Cradle & Cassette Adaptor for Nano & Dock Connecting iPod - 22.00 ex vat 

TuneFlex is a dock and charger for iPod Nano (1st Generation) &  Dock Connecting (5th Generation) iPods designed with automobile convenience in mind.

TuneFlex's flexible steel neck adjusts to any angle, and its cradle grips your iPod Nano or 5th Gen. iPod, and rotates to stay upright and easily readable in any position.

TuneFlex plugs into your car's 12 Volt accessory outlet (remember when they were called "cigarette lighters"?) to power and charge your iPod. The light at the base of TuneFlex's neck shows its power status. TuneFlex's charging circuitry is even equipped with a fuse to keep your iPod safe and your mind at ease.

TuneFlex is flexible at getting tunes to your audio system as well: a built-in 1/8" stereo line-out audio jack lets you attach the included cassette adapter or cables from your nano to your stereo. TuneFlex also includes a pass-through dock connector that lets you use digital devices, such as Griffin's iTrip with Dock Connector FM transmitter, AirClick remote, SmartDeck cassette adapter, or others. A low-high audio output switch ensures sound without distortion.

The TuneFlex does feature a pass-through for the dock connector on the bottom of the iPod Nano. This means that most iPod accessories that connect to your iPod via only the dock connector can be used in conjunction with the TuneFlex. Simply connect them to the dock connector pass-through on the bottom of the TuneFlex cradle.

Compatible accessories include the AirClick with Dock Connector, the SmartDeck with Dock Connector, and the iTrip with Dock Connector.

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