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Vibrates in time to your music!

Turn the music up for stronger vibrations!

Stimulating fun for him and her!

Plug in TWO pairs of headphones!

Get Jiggy with TWO Vibrating bullets!

Orgasm Army Approved !

Easy to use - plug in and play!

Works with or without music!

Works with any music player !

iBuzz Two Vibrator - Music Activated Sex Toy by Love Labs - 15.50 ex vat 

Share the music. Share the love. (OUT OF STOCK)

A smaller design. Two stylish colours. A brighter button. Musical vibrations. Up to 11 vibrating speeds. Just about the only thing that hasn't changed is the name. In Classic White, iBuzz Two puts music-activated orgasms in your pocket.

iBuzz Two from Love Labs is the world's first music-activated sex toy for couples. Plug in two sets of headphones and you and your partner can simultaneously listen to your music and enjoy the sensations from two vibrating bullets.

iBuzz Two is the musical orgasm machine from Love Labs comes with a skin-safe rabbit stimulator for her and a cock ring for him, only iBuzz Two gives you music-activated vibrations, 4 pulsing patterns and 11 speeds for pitch-perfect orgasms.  Connect iBuzz Two to your music player, turn on your favourite tune and let the vibrations take you to heaven !  iBuzz Two vibrates in time to your music so you can get off while getting down.  Turn the music volume up and you get even stronger vibrations!

Get Jiggy with TWO vibrating bullets:  Keep them both to yourself or let your partner join in the fun!  Your bullets fit snugly into the iBuzz TWO skin-safe phtalates-free rabbit stimulator and cock ring attachments for intense stimulation.

Plug in TWO pairs of headphones:  Now both you and your partner can listen to your music while your playing with iBuzz Two!  Plug two pairs of headphones straight in - no adaptors required!

No music player ? No worries !  iBuzz Two has two other vibration modes.  Slide the switch to position 2 and press the big silver button to chooseyour favourite pulsing pattern.  Or switch to position 3 and move through 11 vibrating speeds!  A perfect orgasm every time!

How to use iBuzz Two:  iBuzz Two is the easiest music-activated vibrator ever made. Plug two sets of headphones straight in (no clumsy adaptors needed), connect it to your music player, plug in the vibrating bullets and and you're away. Orgasmic on your own or with a partner!

iBuzz Two - 5 Steps to Satisfaction:

1 Unclip the back of iBuzz Two and insert two AAA batteries. Clip the cover back on.

2 Plug the bullets into the smallest socket on the bottom. Connect your music player to the other socket on the bottom using the lead supplied.

3 Plug one or two pairs of headphones into the sockets on the top.

4 Turn on iBuzz Two using the silver slide switch on the side.

Position 1: Music Mode
Music-activated - vibrates in time to the song on your music player
Position 2: Pattern Mode
Use the big silver button to step through 4 vibration patterns
Position 3: Speed Mode
Use the big silver button to step through 11 vibration speeds.

5 In Music Mode, switch on your music player and turn up the volume until the bullet vibrates. The louder the music, the stronger the vibrations.

What you get with iBuzz Two:  iBuzz Two contains everything you and your partner need to enjoy your music and music-activated vibrations at the same time. Everything, that is, except for headphones, a music player and two AAA batteries.

iBuzz Two Universal Sex Toy Controller:  The unique iBuzz Two control unit is the only sex toy controller to deliver music-activated vibrations, 4 pulsing patterns and 11 vibrating speeds. You can plug in the twin bullet supplied, or any sex toy that has a mini-jack plug. Sex toys from Mantric, Doc Johnson and O My among many others can be used with your iBuzz Two.

Skin-safe Rabbit Stimulator for Her:  Slide the pretty pink Rabbit stimulator over one of the vibrating bullets and get ready for orgasmic clitoral stimulation. The Rabbit Stimulator is made from special skin-safe material that does not contain phthalates, the material that Greenpeace doesn't like to be used in sex toys.

Skin-safe Cock Ring Stimulator for Him:  Push the other vibrating bullet into smart blue Cock Ring Stimulator fit the ring over his balls and penis, and he can enjoy the music-activated vibrations too. The Cock Ring Stimulator is also made from special skin-safe material and has a nubbed top for additional clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

Twin Vibrating Bullets:  Keep them both to yourself for double stimulation or let your partner join in the fun! Your bullets fit snugly inside the Rabbit Stimulator and Cock Ring Stimulator for intense stimulation. The bullets have a long wire so they can connect to the iBuzz Two controller and give you room to manoeuvre.

Music Player Connector Wire:  Use this wire to connect your music player to the iBuzz Two control unit.

What you don't get with iBuzz 2:  Music player, Headphones, Batteries, Annoying fiddly headphone connector thing.

Does Not contain Phthalates !

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