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A scuff-free screen is more important than ever. So iSkin developed the first ever scratch resistant face and screen protector.
iSkin eVo3 iPod Skin Case 5G Video - £14.45 xvat 

Introducing another breakthrough iPod protector from iSkin

The amazing iSkin eVo3 raises the bar by being the first silicone protector to feature an ultra-clear, scratch resistant screen and face protector for the iPod with video.  As with all iSkin products, the eVo3 is precision molded to provide the ultimate fit with a high quality finish.  Itís designed to provide maximum protection without added bulk and to enhance the look of the iPod.  The iSkin eVo3 is available in six fashionably cool colors and is crafted from durable, high-grade silicones.

The iSkin eVo3 ís VISORô (Visually Intact Solid Optical Resin) is made from a high-quality, ultra-clear resin that is coated with an optical finish that resists scuffs and scratches caused by everyday use. It integrates seamlessly with the eVo3 and does not shift or slide out of place.  Included with every eVo3 is the sleek and functional RevoClip 2. This low-profile polycarbonate clip rotates to give you the best angle to control your iPod when clipped to your belt. It can be completely removed so that you can easily slip your iPod into a pocket or bag.

The eVo 3 features an integrated docking port connector cover. It helps keep dust, dirt and other impurities from entering the iPod when not being used.

The eVo 3 features a micro texture we call eVoGripô. This surface texture provides a rich feel and gives you a confident grip on your iPod.

Rear micro-pores on the back of the eVo 3 aid in heat dissipation to help keep the iPod cool while watching videos for extended times or disk mode.

The eVo 3 even works with the Apple Universal Dock. Now thereís no need to take your Skin off
to charge or dock your iPodĖ and that means 24/7 protection.

The eVo 3 features integrated click wheel protection via a thin membrane that allows for full control of the iPod. It protects the iPodís click wheel from moisture, dirt and wear.

"iSkin is an ongoing philosophy that encompasses the innovation of cool. Everything we touch we embody independent design and free thought with the sole intention of satisfying those who embrace our offerings. What you have come to understand and what you will remember us by are products developed through love and appreciation for technology. It is an underlying yearning for perfection that is the single driving force of a company that expresses itself through the individual personality of each project pursued. Free thinkers go about life much in the same way, and thinking different is not an option but a way of life, we are committed to delivering the best products using the most advanced technology available and the pursuit of excellence is our driving force."

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The iSkin eVo3 is available in a variety of
vibrant, fashionable colors. Atomic (Vibrant Green) ,
Sonic (Vibrant Blue), Blaze (Exciting Red),
Arctic (Clear frosted), Eclipse (Solid black)
and Blush (Fashion Pink).

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