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Griffin iTrip Nano iPod FM Transmitter - £12.50 xvat 

iTrip® for iPod Nano.

Griffin iTrip Nano FM Transmitter - Griffin have completely rethought how the product interfaces with the iPod Nano user both aesthetically and functionally.   The Griffin iTrip Nano now uses the iPod's high resolution LCD for optimal viewing of station information.

Please consider Griffin iTrip Auto or other compatible iTrip since this product is now discontinued / End Of Life.

Griffin's iTrip Nano SmartDisplay™ technology seamlessly integrates all functions and features with the iPod nano. iTrip Nano information is displayed on the best screen in the industry: the gorgeous iPod nano screen.

Grffin iTrip Nano one touch navigation puts all its functions at your fingertip. This also makes the Griffin iTrip Nano the easiest-to-operate of all the iPod FM transmitters, ever.  Email griffin itrip ipod nano if you wish to check stock before ordering.

The exclusive SmartSound™ volume control, dynamically adjusts iPod's volume level for optimal audio quality. Additionally, users can control iTrip Nano 's volume level through the iPod's click wheel.

iPod Nano slides into iTrip and securely connects via the iPod's dock and headphone connectors. iTrip accomplishes all this without adding bulk to the slim, sexy iPod nano. To stay securely attached it uses patented micro grip technology. This technology uses microscopic material to provide a secure grip without ever losing its holding properties.

iTrip's innovative selectable mono or stereo modes allow the user to adjust for the absolute best possible reception under real-world conditions. Enable the Mono mode in tough situations, such as large cities with stations crowding the dial for unparalleled reception. Switch to stereo mode for the best audio reproduction when you have a clear station.

Keeping your music broadcasting is no problem.  The iTrip draws its nominal power directly from the iPod nano, requiring no batteries or AC adapters. A built-in USB port allows iPod Nano to charge or synchronize music. Perfect for use in autos or at home.

• On-screen tuning
• Supports US, International and Japanese tuning modes
• Stores Last 3 used station presets
• Selectable mono/stereo modes
• Charge and sync iPod nano while its connected

Made for:
iPod Nano (1st Generation only !! Not the new 2nd Generation iPod Nano).

Technical Specifications:

• Dimenions: 1.57" x 3.97" x 0.55"
(40mm x 101mm x 14.3mm)

• Weight: 0.9 oz.

• Built-in antenna

• Power requirement: iPod connection

• Modulation: FM Stereo

• Frequencies: US (88.1 -107.9MHz)
International (88.0 - 108Mhz)
Japan (76 - 90MHz)

• High stability crystal oscillator, phase-lock loop control

• Frequency response: 50Hz to 15KHz

• Operating range: 10-50 ft

The sled design and minimalist controls make this the thinnest FM transmitter for the slimmest iPod to date.   Not compatible with the 2nd Generation iPod Nano !! Choose the iTrip Auto instead.

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The use of FM transmitters in the UK contravenes the UK Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949The Purchaser warrants that it shall comply in all material respects with all applicable laws, regulations or codes of conduct practice (whether statotory or otherwise) of the uk and that all licences permissions all concerns required for using itrip & other fm transmitters have been obtained and are in full force and effect.  By purchasing FM Transmitters you agree to idemnify shop21 from any legal consequences of its use.

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iTrip information is displayed on the best screen in the industry: the gorgeous iPod nano screen.


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