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Griffin DirectDeck intelligent Cassette Adapter - 14.95 ex vat 

Griffin DirectDeck is the easiest, most convenient way to listen to any portable audio player through your car's stereo

Plug Griffin DirectDeck's audio jack into the headphone port of your iPod, mp3 player, CD player, or other portable audio device. Insert the DirectDeck cassette adapter into your cassette player. You be jammin'.

Griffin DirectDeck is more than just a cassette adapter for iPod & MP3 players; it achieves truly seamless integration between iPod and your cassette deck. Use the cassette deck's forward and rewind buttons to advance to the next or prior songs in the iPod playlist. Pause and stop buttons do what pause and stop buttons are expected to do. Hit the cassette deck's Eject button or switch from Cassette to Radio, and Griffin's SmartPlay technology automatically pauses the iPod.

SmartDeck Features and Benefits
Control iPod navigation through the car stereo
Intelligent level control for optimal input levels
Features highest-quality tape head for crystal clear quality
Sets optimal volume on the iPod/MP3 Player for best audio quality
Seamless integration between iPod/MP3 Player and car stereo

Clear, high-quailty audio and iPod control together in one brainy cassette adapter. What more could you ask for?

Some Tips About Volume:

With Griffin DirectDeck, you have two separate volume controls: the one on your car stereo system, and the one on your portable audio player. The way you adjust them will affect the sound quality.

Too much volume from the portable player may overdrive the cassette deck, causing distortion. If this happens, adjust the portable player volume down, and adjust the stereo system volume up to the desired level.

Too little volume from the portable player may result in low output or no signal at all from the car stereo. In this case, increase the volume of the portable player.

Product Compatibility:

Griffin DirectDeck is a Universal product and has no special compatibility limitations.

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