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Griffin TuneJuice2 Battery Backup for Dock Connecting iPods - Black - 15.50 ex vat 

TuneJuice2 Battery Backup for Dock Connecting iPods

Has the battery in your iPod ever run out of juice when there's no power source in sight?

Griffin TuneJuice 2 is perfect for extending the play time of your iPod for those times when you just gotta have more than what your iPod battery can give you.

Griffin TuneJuice 2 works with any dockable iPod or iPod mini. When your iPod battery runs low, TuneJuice will provide up to 14 hours of additional audio play, or 2 more hours of video enjoyment. Pop 4 AAA batteries into TuneJuice (your first 4 are included) and keep rocking.

TuneJuice is the perfect carry-on for airplanes, and a lifesaver for road trips, ski trips, camping -- anytime you need some serious playtime and don't have a way to charge your 'Pod.

Griffin Technology recommends the use of rechargeable batteries to help reduce waste.

TuneJuice Q & A

What type of batteries does TuneJuice use?
TuneJuice uses 4 standard AAA batteries. The first four are included for free in the package.

Why is it called "TuneJuice 2"? What happened to TuneJuice 1?
In our neverending quest for quality, we at Griffin could not leave a good thing alone, and ended up making substantial improvements to the original TuneJuice design. Along with improvements to the charging circuitry that result in longer playtime, the new TuneJuice lets you use AAA batteries, more readily available than the 9-Volt batteries used by its predecessor.

Can I use TuneJuice when my iPod is completely out of charge?
A completely discharged iPod goes into shutdown mode, and will not be able to take advantage of TuneJuice. TuneJuice doesn't actually charge up your iPod's internal battery. To do that, you need to plug in your iPod using its charge/sync cable or dock. But TuneJuice will dramatically increase the available playtime of even a partially discharged iPod.

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