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Pocket-Size Light
The Griffin iBeams are small and portable. Use the included caps to attach them to your keychain, so they are always close at hand.

Griffin iBeam iPod Laser Pointer & Flashlight - 11.95 ex vat 

Laser Pointer and Flashlight
for your iPod or iPod mini

Introducing the Griffin iBeam set, ready for your dock-connector iPod or iPod mini. The snap-on flashlight is great for finding keys in the dark. The other half of the package is a class IIIA laser pointer, handy for iPod-friendly presentations and other, less professional pursuits. Both units come with a snap-on protective cap that can be attached to any keychain for convenient portability and accessibility.

1 Yr Warranty

You tote your iPod everywhere, right? If you're like us, your iPod is always close at hand, ready for some tunes or to take a voice memo. Now your iPod has some cool new tricks.

The iBeam flashlight is surprisingly functional when a quick beam of light is required in a dark car or doorstep. The iBeam laser pointer is an amazingly powerful red laser beam that is capable of being seen over a quarter of a mile away. Need we say how much fun this could be?

The Griffin iBeam represents a new category of iPod accessories that are fun, functional and easy on the "iPod gear" line of your budget.

WARNING: iBeam Laser Pointer is a Class IIIA Laser. Do not shine laser near eyes or onto reflective surfaces. Children must be supervised while using any laser pointer.

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