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iSkin eVo2 iPod Carry Cases / Jacket for 4G iPods - £6.95 ex vat 

iSkin eVo2 iPod Jacket for 4G

The ultimate protection for the fourth generation (click-wheel) iPods including the U2 special edition and the iPod+HP

Apple just made the iPod better. So we made the iSkin eVo2 for the new iPod even better by giving it the features our customers loved and improved it overall. We've bettered the fit & finish and included a stonger more durable belt clip. We also gave it a new ultra-clear screen protector that has six soft contact points, that keeps it perfectly in place at all times. As with all other iSkin products, the iSkin eVo2 has great features and an elegant design. It is also available in nine fashionably cool colours including the very cool, Ultra-Glo glow-in-the-dark series.


iSkin for iPod is also Compatible with the Newly Released iPod Photo:

In light of Apple's recent announcements regarding the 30GB iPod Photo, iSkin has tested its current iSkin for iPod line and concluded the following:

The iSkin for iPod - Size A will accommodate both the 4G - 20GB iPod and 30GB iPod Photo.

The iSkin for iPod - Size B will accommodate the 4G - 40GB iPod / 40GB iPod Photo and the 60GB iPod Photo.

iPod Carry Cases, Skins & Covers for 4G & 5G Video

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Plug-in your favorite top mounting iPod accessory without having to remove the iSkin first. Use devices like the iTrip or the Belkinís voice recorders and others. Only iSkin offers an integrated docking port cover to keep dust, dirt and liquids out of your iPods docking port preventing permanent damage. The eVo2 features a beveled top surface allowing easy access to the iPodís Hold Switch and Earphone Jack while protecting the iPodís top surface against scratches.
The iSkin eVo2 features an unique ultra-clear screen protector with six soft contacts to keep your iPodís screen free of scratches and damage. Its unique design keeps it firmly in place while provding a 100% clear view of the screen. Crafted from 100% durable high-grade silicone, the iSkin eVo2 has a stylish design with elegant surface accents. Itís anti-slip grip and secure feel enhances the already beautiful iPod. The iSkin eVo2 features a unique pattern of heat release pores designed to help keep your iPod cool when in disc mode or extended play. It also features four mini pegs that keep the iPod elevated when placed on flat surfaces, allowing the pores to breathe.
The iSkin eVo2 comes with an improved RevoClip thatís more durable and allows you to rotate your iPod horizontally or vertically when clipped to your belt. It has a sleek design and is low profile. Best of all, it can be completly removed if desired. The iSkin eVo2 comes in a variety of fashionably cool colors that include Ultra-Glo glow-in-the dark (photoluminescent). The Ultra-Glo iSkins absorb light from any light source and emits a vibrant glow when seen in the dark.

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