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iSkin EVO iPod Jacket for 3G iPod - £6.00 ex vat 

The all new and improved iSkin EVO !

3rd Generation only


These are now End Of Life/Discontinued, no longer available -

Many iSkin customers want to use their favorite
top mounting iPod accessories with their iSkin. So we made it possible to plug devices like the iTripô and NaviPodô into the iPod without having to remove the iSkin eVo first. The top of the iPod remains protected by the iSkin eVo and gives you easy access to the hold switch.

We went back to the drawing board and came up with a completely new belt clip design. Itís made of a durable, non-shattering, light weight plastic polymer that wonít snap apart. The new RevoClipô design offers one of the lowest profiles found on belt clips of its kind. It features a rotary click-lock movement that rotates 180ļ. It integrates seamlessly into the iSkin eVo and clips securely to your belt. The new RevoClipô can be completely removed if desired and is fully compatible with the iSkin eXo2.

The iSkin eVo includes an improved screen protector that has four mini soft mounts that grip to the iPodís surface and keeps the protector elevated. Once placed over the screen, the protector acts a barrier against objects coming in contact with your iPod's screen.

Color is expression ! We've added a few more
vibrant colors to the line. Included are four new ultra-GLO (photoluminescent) skin tones that produce a vibrant glow in the dark and a new beautiful pink. They're so cool, youíll want to own them all.

The iSkin eVo features a bottom dock connector
port cover that wonít fall off and get lost. It securely plugs
into the iPodís docking/charging port to keep out dust, dirt
or liquids that may enter and cause permanent damage.

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