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iTouch Compatible
Felicidade Groove Bag - iPod Bag & Speaker System - Triplet - 79.95 ex vat 

Carry your iPod Gucci-style in these unique speaker-bags!

A Boom Box for her - now plus amplifier for full sound - Handbag with internal handle, stereo speakers and iPod holder - for all iPod generations (1-5G & iTouch)

Latest Version !!

Take your iPod out in Gucci-style!

This stylish bag (US: purse) is specially designed for your iPod and features fully-functional integrated stereo speakers!

The Groove Bag isn't just a cool "item of the week" in many reviews and showcases - it defines the term speaker bag in a completely new way!

US musicians refer to speaker bags as carrying cases for speakers - obviously completely different from the personal speaker bag that felicidade proposes for your impromptu beach party!

The Groove Bag is available in two beautiful models - the Tote with straps and the Triplet with an integrated handle.

No matter which model you choose, the Groove Bag makes for an excellent gift for any iPod-woman (you only need to include the iPod to make it a perfect gift for _any_ woman ;)

Material: Artificial leather, cotton, PVC, PE
Speaker: 57 mm diameter, 8 Ohm Impedance, 0.5 W max. input level
Plug = 3.5 mm mini Stereo connector

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