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iKlear Klear Kloth Screen Singles (x12) 10.00 ex vat 

iPod: LCD Screen, Controls, Chrome Case

Self Contained - 2 step "Wet / Dry" Screen Preservation System

Lint-free Wet Applicator & Dry Polishing material

Anti-Static, 100% alcohol & ammonia-free, Non-toxic, Non-damaging, Non-flammable

Perfect for the iPod, iBook, PowerBook, Flat Panel iMac, Cinema & Studio Flat Panel Displays, PDA's, DVD's & Digital Cameras.

 "Singles" are significantly more economical than "ordinary" wet/dry pouch-type cleaners. Each Klear Screen "Single" can clean 5 to 10 desk-top monitors or 25 laptop screens, DVD's or CD's.

The KS-SP12 contains twelve Klear Screen "Singles".

Reccomended by Apple Tech Support for your:

iPod: LCD Screen, Controls, Chrome Case

iMac: Flat Panel LCD & CRT Screen, Case, DVD's

iBook: LCD Screen, Translucent Case, DVD's, CD's

PowerBook: LCD Screen, Track Pad, DVD's, CD's

G3/G4: LCD, CRT, Display, Translucent Case, DVD's

Cinema Display: LCD Screen, Translucent Case.


Apple Computer with it's innovative designs, creative product packaging and liberal use of today's most exotic materials has created unprecedented challenges to preserving and maintaining all this visual and surface technology. The iKlear Apple Polish Singles were developed exclusively for today's Apple Macintosh products by the world's #1 supplier of LCD and Flat Panel Display cleaning products - Klear Screen. Take all this technology with you anywhere, anytime.

The iKlear Apple Polish Singles will clean, protect and preserve every surface you can either see or touch on the new Flat Panel iMac: full-size Flat Panel display screen, clear acrylic screen surround for adjusting optimal viewing angle, high-luster chrome pivot tube, low-luster designer case materials and DVD players in every model.

The iPod also benefits directly from iKlear Apple Polish Singles surface preservation technology - removing oil and fingerprints while cleaning and preserving the clear acrylic front panel and controls, LCD display and chrome back and you can take iKlear Singles with you everywhere you and your iPod go.

Ultimately every Apple Macintosh product benefits directly from iKlear Apple Polish Singles surface preservation technology whether you're in the Recording Studio, on the Concert Stage, whale-watching in the Sea of Cortez, on the 50 yard line of the Super Bowl, ESPN's coverage of the "Skins" game in the rain on Thanksgiving day or a CNN LA Bureau News broadcast - iKlear Apple Polish Singles have been there...

  • iPod: LCD display / Front Panel and Controls / chrome back
  • iBook: LCD display / lacquer-finish acrylic cabinet / keyboard / DVD's
  • Titanium G4 PowerBook: LCD display / Titanium case / keyboard / DVD's
  • Cinema Display: LCD display / clear acrylic front screen surround and case
  • Flat Panel Studio Display: LCD display / clear acrylic front screen surround and case
  • Original iMac, G4 Tower and Cube: Translucent acrylic cabinets / keyboard / optical mouse / DVD's
  • Apple/Harmon Kardon: Pro Sound / Sound Sticks / iSub clear acrylic speaker cabinets
  • Flat Panel iMac: Flat Panel display, clear acrylic display surround / chrome pivot tube / low-luster cabinet / optical mouse / keyboard / DVD's

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