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Still images or full motion video streams; capture the microscopic world with an ease that will blow you away!

Bodelin Proscope USB Microscope 50x 99.00 xvat 

Digital Computer Microscope - DISCONTINUED !!

Microscopy has never been this easy! Up to 250x magnification is available with nothing but an USB connection and the click of a button.

Please view the new Proscope HR Digital USB Microscope from Bodelin since the original version is now discontinued & has been replaced by the latest version.

- Interchangeable lenses provide The ProScope with tremendous versatility.

- With the 1-10X lens, The ProScope becomes a high-quality video camera.

- Magnification can be increased to a startling 200X power in a matter of seconds.

- The lens mount is an industry-standard C-Mount that will accept third-party lenses.

- The package includes USB digital microscope, 50x detachable lens, cabling, imag capture software, & everything else to get you up & running on both Mac or Windows platforms.

Magnify your life!

Whether you are checking traces on a printed circuit board or investigating the function of the perspiratory glands in your fingertips - the Proscope will give you a closer look!

Law enforcement agents looking to document microscopic evidence, printers looking at high-resolution output and also casual users looking for new insights into their environment - everyone benefits from the extremely easy point-and-shoot approach to microscopy. Gone are the frustrations of conventional microscopes. People with thick glasses no longer squint in frustration.

Field trips benefit from a mobile microscope that is entirely USB-powered, requiring no power cable or power supply of its own!

The Proscope also brings unprecedented flexibility and excitement to the learning process. Finally, the teacher and student can focus on what is important! Whole classrooms can look at an image at once on screen rather than peering through the microscope one by one!

Encased in high-impact plastic and rubber, the Proscope's rugged construction and high-quality components are up to the demanding environment of classrooms, too.

Interchangeable lenses provide the Proscope with tremendous versatility. With the 1-10x lense, the Proscope becomes a high-quality video camera. Magnification can be increased to a startling 200x power in a matter of seconds. The lense mount is an industry-standard C-Mount that will also accept third-party lenses.

Find something you like? With the press of a button, the camera captures the image and stores it as a file in the location of your choosing.

The powerful software included with the Proscope provides sophisticated video capture as well.

With all these options, the possible uses of the Proscope are endless!

Technical Specifications

Operating Systems

Win: 98, ME, 2000 and XP
Mac: 8.6, all versions of OS 9 and OS X




1/4" color CCD (effective picture elements: 330k pixels)


50x (when displayed on a 14" monitor)
optional: 1-10x, 100x or 200x


154 mm x 46 mm


ca. 200 g (including lens-unit)

Power Consumption

ca. 400 mA (when using a 5 V light source)

Length of Cable

ca. 1.8 m (6 ft.)

Video Preview

12.5 fps @ 640x480 pixels (Win, Mac)
30 fps @ 320x240 pixels (Mac)

Video Controls

Auto or Manual White Balance, auto or manual, Exposure, Gamma control, 50/60 Hz flicker control, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness and Brightness.

Still Capture

640x480 pixels (Win, Mac)
320x240 pixels (Mac)

Video Capture

640x480 pixels (Mac)
320x240 pixels (Win, Mac)

Operating Temperature

10 - 40C

Storage Temperature

5 - 60C (non-condensing)


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