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Applesauce iPod - Scratch Removal Kit - 13.95 
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Remove scratches and blemishes and restore the shine to your iPod with Applesauce's special two-part system.  It can safely and easily restore your iPod's original finish.

Applesauce is a new generation of iPod polish, effectively removing scratches from the front or back of your iPod. Included in the pack is Microfinishing Polish, Microfinishing Glaze and 3 cloths to buff up your iPod to a high shine.


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Klear Screen iKlear iPod, iBook & Powerbook Cleaning Kit - 12.50 ex vat 
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iPod, iBook & PowerBook Cleaning Kit

(1) 2 oz Pump Spray Bottle of iKlear Anti-Static, Alcohol & Ammonia-Free.
For hundreds of cleaning applications.

(3) iKlear Singles
On-Demand Screen Preservation Kits

(1) iKlear Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth Non-damaging, microfiber cloth.


iKlear Klear Kloth Screen Singles (x12) 10.00 ex vat 
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iPod: LCD Screen, Controls, Chrome Case

Self Contained - 2 step "Wet / Dry" Screen Preservation System

Lint-free Wet Applicator & Dry Polishing material

Anti-Static, 100% alcohol & ammonia-free, Non-toxic, Non-damaging, Non-flammable

Perfect for the iPod, iBook, PowerBook, Flat Panel iMac, Cinema & Studio Flat Panel Displays, PDA's, DVD's & Digital Cameras.

 "Singles" are significantly more economical than "ordinary" wet/dry pouch-type cleaners. Each Klear Screen "Single" can clean 5 to 10 desk-top monitors or 25 laptop screens, DVD's or CD's.

The KS-SP12 contains twelve Klear Screen "Singles".

Reccomended by Apple Tech Support for your:

iPod: LCD Screen, Controls, Chrome Case

iMac: Flat Panel LCD & CRT Screen, Case, DVD's

iBook: LCD Screen, Translucent Case, DVD's, CD's

PowerBook: LCD Screen, Track Pad, DVD's, CD's

G3/G4: LCD, CRT, Display, Translucent Case, DVD's

Cinema Display: LCD Screen, Translucent Case.


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