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Canopus Digital Video Converters, Capture & Accessories (from Thomson/Grass Valley)

Canopus designs and markets award-winning digital video and graphics solutions for professionals and enthusiasts. The company combines innovative hardware and software designs to achieve new standards in performance, functionality and reliability. Industry leaders worldwide recognize Canopus’ advanced HD, HDV, DV and MPEG codec technologies, which are featured in the company’s acclaimed video editing solutions, transcoding products, and network-based video distribution systems.

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Canopus has worldwide locations in Tokyo, the U.S., U.K., Germany, and China in addition to an extensive worldwide distribution network. Its primary markets are broadcast, professional video, corporate and enterprise, and government and education.  On December 5th, 2005 it was announced that Thomson was buying a 33 1/3% stake in Canopus with the intention of launching a public tender offer to acquire remaining shares. As of January 24th, 2006, Thomson ownership of Canopus was 94.31% upon settlement. The acquisition of Canopus strengthens the position of Thomson’s Grass Valley Broadcast and Networking business, which is a key element in Thomson’s two year plan and is one of four primary revenue growth boosters. The acquisition specifically fits with Thomson’s objectives to broaden its media and entertainment and client base – and to support the accelerated delivery of technologies ranging from desktop video editing, video over IP, and digital media conversion, amongst others.

Thomson - Partner to the Media and Entertainment Industries
Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS) provides services, systems and technology to help its Media and Entertainment clients – content creators, content distributors and users of its technology – realize their business goals and optimize their performance in a rapidly changing technology environment. The Group is the preferred partner to the Media and Entertainment Industries through its Technicolor, Grass Valley, RCA and Thomson brands. For more information: www.thomson.net.  Thomson's Systems and Equipment division develops video and film technologies, products and services sold to all major Hollywood studios, all major television, satellite, and cable broadcasters under the Grass Valley brand-name for the delivery of analog and digital entertainment. The division also includes Thomson's Access Platforms and Gateways Business, which develops technologies and products for broadband and telecommunication networks to deliver digital entertainment and data to consumers and businesses.

Canopus Video Innovation
Canopus is regarded as an industry leader in nonlinear video editing products because of its innovative hardware and software designs. For example, the Scalable Technology architecture featured in Canopus products harnesses the processing power of the CPU, facilitating speed and performance increases - including realtime transitions, effects and output - as the speed of the PC increases. By setting new standards in performance, functionality and stability, Canopus has become a favorite of video professionals and enthusiasts, all over the world.

Canopus Workflow
Canopus products streamline post-production workflow, enabling users to efficiently create, purpose and deliver the highest quality video productions.

The Canopus Name
Canopus is the name of the alpha star of the Carina constellation. It is the second brightest star in the sky. Because of its brightness and stability, Voyagers 1 and 2 relied on the Canopus star to navigate through the solar system. "Canopus" is pronounced with the accent on the second syllable: [kuh-NOH-puhs].

Which Canopus Video Converter is Right for You?
Providing the industry’s highest picture quality preservation and A/V synchronization, Thomson Grass Valley video converters, engineered by Canopus, are compatible with all video cameras, decks and editing systems, whether Windows-based or Mac OS-based. Which one is right for you? The modest ADVC55 converts VHS, S-VHS and Hi8 analog videotapes to DV in one simple step. The ADVC700, ADVC3000 and ADVC-HDSC1 fulfill high-end broadcast needs. The charts below can help you identify which video converter you need.

Canopus ADVC Digital Video Converters & Bridges (Thomson/Grass Valley) Canopus NLE Video Editing & Conversion Cards (Thomson/Grass Valley) Canopus Software & Accessories (Thomson/Grass Valley) Canopus Rev Pro Digital Video Storage Drives (Thomson/Grass Valley) Canopus Realtime MPEG Encoding & Decoding MPEG 1,2,4 (Thomson/Grass Valley)

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