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Firewire Storage & Back Up Devices
The Shop21 Firewire Storage Dept. sells all the storage and backup products your requirements demand: Unibrain, Ratoc, Dvico, Miglia, disk drives, enclosures, cases, network attached storage.
Firewire Cables, Cards & Peripherals
The Shop21 FireWire Peripherals Department sells all the peripheral products your requirements demand: Macally, Unibrain, Ratoc, NewLink, adapters, DV cable, cardbus products, firewire to scsi converters, extension cabling, combo cards, routers/hubs etc. FireWire Cables.

FireWire Storage, Cards, Cables & Peripherals

The Shop21 UK Firewire Department sells all the firewire storage and peripheral products your requirements demand such as firewire hard drives, backup, enclosures, cases, cables (400mbps & 800mbps), video, web cameras, hubs, repeaters, cards, adapters manufactured by the worlds leading Firewire specialists like:  Ratoc, Unibrain, Wiebetech, Lacie, Canopus, EZQuest, Newlink etc. 


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FireWire technology was first invented by Apple Computer in the early 1990s and then was adopted by the IEEE as a standard (IEEE-1394) in 1995. FireWire is a cross-platform high-speed serial technology that can move large amounts of data between computers and peripheral devices.

Firewire Storage & Back Up Devices Firewire Cables, Cards & Peripherals

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